Why do I need

If you are looking for original fund documents, fund ratings or daily fund prices, then is the place to go to. Instead of wasting valuable time hunting down the information here and there on the Internet, you can find all the information you need on, up to date and free of charge.

Why are the marketing documents of some fund providers not available and marked with a question mark?

That means that the corresponding fund provider is not yet a member or premium member of fundinfo and therefore neither data nor documents are published.

Why are certain fund documents not available in my chosen language?

fundinfo provides access to all the fund documents of each fund provider. It could be that the fund house does not produce the document in question in all languages.

Who is fundinfo's target audience? is available to all interested users in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Singapore. It is aimed primarily at investment professionals such as fund-of-funds managers, independent asset managers, client advisers, fund research departments, pension fund managers, advanced private investors and financial journalists.

Where can I find performance comparisons on

At present, does not offer performance comparisons as there are already plenty of websites offering that sort of information. Side-by-side comparison of up to 5 ETFs, however, can be done on's sister platform,

I cannot find a certain fund or fund provider on Who can I contact?

Please let us know which fund or fund provider you cannot find on fundinfo, and we shall immediately contact the corresponding company.

What is the subscription service for on

If you wish to be informed automatically as soon as a new document of interest to you appears on, then simply click on the corresponding "Plus" (+) symbol in the last column, and the document in question will be added to your personal subscription (“MyFunds”) list. In order to use our free subscription service, you must first register yourself on .

What personal details are stored when I use

fundinfo only stores personal details if you register in order to use fundinfo’s subscription service.

How much does it cost to use fundinfo?

Nothing. fundinfo is financed entirely by participating fund houses, i.e. our members premium members.

What does the plus symbol (+) in front of a fund's name stand for?

If a fund has several share classes, these can be opened and viewed by clicking on the plus symbol.

Can I contact a fund provider via fundinfo?

Yes. Simply click on the corresponding symbol next to the fund's name to view the contact information of a participating fund provider.